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Voice of Karnataka

Voice of Karnataka

Karnataka's most awaited singing competition battle is starting now! What we are talking about is "Voice of Karnataka" Season 1. This is the big opportunity for those who are talented in singing. The singing competition is not only about glamour in this entertainment world, but also the mixture of Drama, Acting, Emotions & Music. If you have all these elements with the talent of singing then "VOICE OF KARNATAKA" Season 1 is only for you!!


Voice of Karnataka - Season 1 SECOND round singing competition is going to take place in Bangalore on 22nd Sept 2019, Sunday for Seniors. All contestants from all over the cities will come to Bangalore for 2nd Round, and Final Round will be held on 28th Sept, 2019 for Seniors. More details are available in the posters below.


1) First Round Selection - Voice will be recorded with track and sent to judges.

2) Second Round - New song tune with track & lyrics will be given to the contestants to sing in front of judges.

3) Final Round - 1 song will be given with 3 scales (pitches) & 3 different tempos (speeds).

In Final Round - 1 Best Male or Female Singer will be selected for VOICE OF KARNATAKA AWARDS!

Junior Selection - Only 1 Best junior singer will be selected for VOK Award!! For Juniors - dates will be announced soon!

Dates: Voice of Karnataka - Junior | Senior

Prizes: Cash Prize, Recording Set, Music Show & Album contract - 28th September, 2019, launching program by VOK winner & celebrities!!

Note: All the contestants will get participation certificates from


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